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Getting Started With Station Master Cloud

Station Master Cloud is a suite of contact logging tools for all radio operators, there is a website, a mobile app, and a desktop app. We do things very differently around here! and we hope you like it!

To get started I suggest the following:

1) Create your free account at https://station-master.online/register?ref_id=36

2) Fill in your profile https://station-master.online/account/edit and add your QRZ Api Key at the bottom of that form (if you have a Qrz subscription)

3) Set a profile picture by clicking 'View My Profile' from the top right menu on the site and then clicking the place holder profile picture.

4) If you entered a QRZ Api Key, pull your logs into station master by using the 'Pull (SYNC) Logs from QRZ' option at https://station-master.online/home

5) Download Station Master Desktop from https://station-master.online/post/125 (windows users only for now)

6) Fill in the settings screen as directed on Station Master Desktop and connect it to your radio. G90 users should read this post https://station-master.online/post/120 for how to use FLRig for Cat Control

7) On Station Master Desktop, click the red "Connect To Cloud" button at the top of the main screen, log in in with the website (cloud) credentials you created in step 1

8) Enjoy all the benefits of Station Master Cloud

Please post below if you require help getting set up.

G5STU - Creator Of Station Master Cloud
Getting Started with Station Master Cloud

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