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About Us

Welcome to Station Master Cloud, the social logging platform for all Radio Operators.

What is Station Master?

Station Master has three parts:

1) This site, it's desktop, mobile, and tablet friendly and called 'Station Master Cloud'
2) A desktop Logging Program for Windows 10 & 11 called 'Station Master Desktop' (with cat control)
3) A Mobile app for iOS and Android, search Station Master Cloud in app stores

How much does it cost?
Basic logging is totally free to use and will have everything you need to log contacts, the optional premium subscription gives you access to additional features.
Visit https://station-master.online/post/151 for details of premium features.

What's the point of Station Master ?

Station master is a totally new approach to contact logging, some of the benefits are:

1) We make your contacts public in real time for all to see, even if you're out portable logging on a phone or tablet.
2) We display your radios' frequency in real time on the home page so other users can see where you are operating without having to use DX Clusters or messenger apps
3) We send you instant desktop notifications when your fellow club members make a contact
4) Your radio can automatically follow other operators around the bands, great if you just want to sit back and listen to an operator working without having to spin the VFO each time they move frequency
5) It makes radio even more fun!

Give Station Master a test drive today, totally free and unrestricted

Watch the video below for a demonstration.
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