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Cobweb Antennas For The WIN! #1 Here's Why..

A number of @G8AMC club members have recently purchased this antenna and the reports are nothing but good:

-- Reduced noise, much quieter than standard dipoles, verticals and end feds
-- Making DX contacts previously unable to make on other wire antennas

Design #1
The original deign by Steve Webb G3TPW "Cobwebb" (2 Bs) uses dual speaker wire to form folded dipoles (double wires)

Design #2 (recommended)
The later design by Steve Hunt G3TZQ "Cobweb" (1 B) uses single core wire and a 1:4 current Balun to match the 12.4 Ohms to the required 50 Ohms

-- Watch out for SWR jumping around in the rain
-- Recommended height: 15-30 feet but will also work much lower

Price around £400
Purchase form Moonraker (uk) Ltd via amazon https://amzn.to/2YQtlFf
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