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WSJT-X Automatic Logging Is Live!

JTDX Users please go here -> https://station-master.online/post/141

To use this feature with WSJT-X

1) Restart Station Master and allow updates. (requires v1.1.107 or above)
2) In Station Master Desktop go to File > Settings and set UDP 'AutoLog' Port to 2333
2) In WSJT-X go to File> Settings> Reporting (tab)
4) Tick "Enable logged contact ADIF broadcast"

Now each time you log a contact in WSJT-X, it will appear in you General Logging tab in Station Master Desktop and the contact will be visible on Station Master Cloud instantly (if cloud connected).

The behaviour is the same as if you'd logged a contact yourself in Station Master Desktop, therefore it does not automatically sync to QRZ until you click "Send to QRZ" in either the cloud, or the desktop app.

* Note, the logged frequency is the full frequency which includes the offset, I believe this is actually the correct behaviour.

WSJT-X Automatic logging is live!

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