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  • Name / Handle: Goksin Yasar Kivanc
  • Country: Turkey (AS), ITU: 39
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"Hi, I'm Goksin Y. KIVANC. My wife TB6YEA Emine and me are Radio Amateurs and we have been keeping this hobby for a long time. We are searching at International BBS Radio Communication, Electronic, Telecominication and we are having friendship between Radio Amateurs from different countries and cultures. Above of all, we are trying to help people for tourism information of our country as we tell our touristic places. Our password; "International friendship and Amateur Radio for peace in the world!" We want to meet people who wants to share this beautiful hobby with us. So, best wishes to you and your family from mine is Samsun in Turkey. Goodbye and take care of your self. 73!"

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14:56 UTC
MQ3FONTA6B ****** FT8
16:07 UTC
VP8ADR/40TA6B ****** FT8
14:29 UTC
M0TPTTA6B ****** FT8
12:02 UTC
M0KCVTA6B ****** FT8

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