2 Months Ago

Weather Proofing Antenna Connectors

For years, I used lots of "specialist" products to seal up coax connectors and other joins when on field days and holidays. I started using Vaseline years ago and discovered that it seems to work absolutely fine for permanently sealing.

Now. For difficult-to-maiintain antennas, say up high on a roof or a tower, you might want to consider the expensive brand sealants however for antennas that you are using at ground level, or often tinker with, Vaseline seems to work over very long perios of time. I have NEVER had a water ingress failure with this method. All I do is re-Vaseline my joints once per year. It doesn't seem to run away in heavy rain and also seems to remain fairly stable even inside threads of SO239s etc during 40C sun.

Save yourself a few pennies and give it a go!

Keeps your hands soft too!

73, Callum.
Weather proofing antenna connectors

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