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IC-BEACON-V1 is a little black box I've built that plugs into the REMOTE jack on the back on an IC-7300 (may work on other ICOM radios too). The other cable just supplies power from a standard USB outlet (cigarette plug for example).

The box connects to any mobile phone that's in HOTSPOT mode (or other WIFI), it uses that phones' Internet to send CAT information up to Station Master Cloud, it sends frequency and mode (nothing else).

I built it to use when I'm out portable or mobile, I just plug that in and Station Master Cloud will show my current frequency in near real time, even if I'm not actively logging any contacts.

In addition to that, the Station Master mobile app can also access the CAT information and keep track of the radio Frequency and Mode, so I don't have to manually update it when I QSY.

I plan to update the firmware of the chip in the box to add lots of other functionality, but for now, it does what it was built to do.

The C++ code I wrote to power it is fully open source.

The chip is an ESP32 micro controller.

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