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YL Raisa, The Best HAM Videos!

"I visited local radio operators in the Rostov on Don. Shortwave conditions were very different to my home QTH. (It's 2000 km away). The countries that are in the dead zone in St. Petersburg on my favourite 20 m band, could be heard very well from there and I made many QSO's with new hams.

Even the 10m band was open! I have never worked 10m before!

With help of local radio friends, @RQ6M and @RC7LX, we activated Liventsovsky fortress (from the Bronze age!). This historical monument is often compared to the well-known city of Troy. I worked as @R1BIG/6/p - that means temporary and portable working from Russian Region 6.

I introduced my niece, Sophia, to Ham Radio and she made her 1st QSO on the 2m band as second operator"
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