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You Can Rent A Ham Shack Here!
Ham Radio vacation shack in the largest lake district in Europe! The QTH @OH73ELK is a small island - an ideal place for DXpedition and holidays, especially to combine no-noise Amateur Radio operation with beauty and peace of nature!
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Platform News

17th Mar 2023 - This 'platform news' section has been added back, it's a nice simple way to showcase platform progress.

16th Jan 2022 - Launched a new Qrz log sync feature for pulling logs from Qrz.com

16th Jan 2022 - Fixed Server config issue that was causing high CPU usage and degrading site and API performance

4th Jan 2022 - Activities is now live, `broadcast` your planned activations and nets ahead of time

2nd Jan 2022 - WEB SDR fixed in Station Master Desktop, audio now works evry time

19th Dec 2021 - Station Master Desktop now receives new FT4/FT8 logs from WSJT-X automatically, v1.1.99 or higher see this post for details

19th Dec 2021 - Started building the next major version of Station Master Desktop (v2.0.0), this will (hopefully) run on Mac, Linux, and Windows

19th Dec 2021 - All major band names should now log correctly

5th Dec 2021 - Recent comments home page module now only shown when there are new recent comments

5th Dec 2021 - Online status indicators fixed, they were not always showing green when they should be

5th Dec 2021 - Mobile App updated, see app store listing for details (links below)

27th Nov 2021 - Version 1.0 of the Station Master Cloud Android App is now available

24th Nov 2021 - Version 1.0 of the Station Master Cloud iPhone/iPad App is now available

24th Nov 2021 - Ways to make the platform 11m friendly are being considered

13th Nov 2021 - The 'On Air' functionality has been improved, will no longer show inactive users as on air

4th Nov 2021 - Commenting on full page posts no longer reloads the page (interupting video playback), new comments will also show in real time

3rd Nov 2021 - Fixed pulling from QRZ may throw an error for some users

3rd Nov 2021 - Fixed commenting throws an error due to issue with notifications

2nd Nov 2021 - Added a Ham Radio News page

2nd Nov 2021 - Improved styling of profile boxes

30th Oct 2021 - Cloud support for downloading contest logs will be added in time to submit logs

30th Oct 2021 - Recent QSO feed now shows contect exchanges hilighted in green

30th Oct 2021 - Added cloud support for logging WWCQ Contest, basic sent received exchanges

29th Oct 2021 - Station Master Desktop now highlights typed callsigns in red if already worked on same band, purple if already worked on another band

23rd Oct 2021 - A club account will show as 'Currenctly being operated by M0ABC' when a club member is activating the club call

23rd Oct 2021 - Club members can now log using their club callsign via the cloud, each QSO is publically tagged with the operators home call

23rd Oct 2021 - Started work on the Club Admin area

23rd Oct 2021 - Improved Site Admin area and user experience

23rd Oct 2021 - Optimised all Eloquent (database) queries

21st Oct 2021 - QSO and On Air Now frequencies hidden for guests to encourage sign ups

20th Oct 2021 - Logging in CW, FM, and AM in Station Master Desktop now works correctly, it was logging as SSB. Ensure you update Station Master Desktop to version v1.1.70 or higher

16th Oct 2021 - Started adopting VueJS for dynamic content such as recent QSO lists

11th Oct 2021 - Many new users this last week, thanks for joining the community 👍

11th Oct 2021 - Added About Us page, T&Cs etc to follow

11th Oct 2021 - I encourage people to post suitable content, posts are great for bringing people to the site via search engines

11th Oct 2021 - Created integration to pull logs from QRZ.com, still testing, will go live this week

11th Oct 2021 - Fixed like counter for posts and QSOs not working correctly

10th Oct 2021 - Add a prompt to send your logs to QRZ.com if any haven't sent, or if you've only just added a valid QRZ api key

7th Oct 2021 - Station Master Cloud Logger now allows entering of date and time, desktop version will follow soon

7th Oct 2021 - Started work on a dark theme ready for Windows 11 rollout

6th Oct 2021 - Follow button now flashes when 'Follow' mode is active Station Master Desktop

6th Oct 2021 - Added 'Stop' Web SDR button to Station Master Desktop

6th Oct 2021 - Logging 21MHz now logs correctly as 15 meters in QRZ

6th Oct 2021 - Fixed freq input on cloud logger breaks when entering two decimals

6th Oct 2021 - Cloud logger now supports FT8, RTTY, DIGITALVOICE

5th Oct 2021 - Now showing Google Ads for guests only, log in and they will all go away

5th Oct 2021 - Follow mode improved

5th Oct 2021 - Refer a Friend system added in 'my account'

5th Oct 2021 - Follow mode improved

4th Oct 2021 - Fixed Web SDR auto mode opens wrong tab when clicking a cluster spot on Station Master Desktop

2nd Oct 2021 - Added zoom to profile images

2nd Oct 2021 - The 'online' & 'on air' indicators will now reflect when you are active on Station Master Desktop

2nd Oct 2021 - Various layout fixes for tablet and mobile

2nd Oct 2021 - Cloud 'Log Now' button no longer allows an accidental double submit

27th Sep 2021 - Added support for images in posts

26th Sep 2021 - Station Master Desktop cluster now filters out more non-voice spots

26th Sep 2021 - Station Master online now protected by Cloudflare

26th Sep 2021 - Follow mode now live on Station Master Desktop v1.1.63 +

25th Sep 2021 - Server upgraded, should keep things running smoothly for now

25th Sep 2021 - Follow mode in the process of being rolled out for Station Master Desktop users, your station master desktop connected radio will auto change frequency to match the person you are following.

25th Sep 2021 - On Air feature rolled out, your current freq will show on your profile when you log or are using Station Master Desktop

22th Sep 2021 - Push Notifications now only sending to users that are online, when offline email or sms will be sent.

21th Sep 2021 - Fixed issue with new user registration form

21th Sep 2021 - Bugs, Site Crashes, and Random Errors are now messaged directly to Slack so they are picked up sooner.

20th Sep 2021 - Added the 👍 button to posts, comments, and recent QSOs

19th Sep 2021 - NUKED all the spam accounts and content

19th Sep 2021 - Added admin tools for moderating users, posts, and comments

19th Sep 2021 - Listed everyone that's provided funds for Station Master on the Support Us page

19th Sep 2021 - Added a new Support Us page with a link at the bottom of all pages

18th Sep 2021 - Added a 'Cloud' tab to Station Master (Windows app) which makes cloud content more visible to the desktop app users

18th Sep 2021 - Added push notifications when your fellow club members log a QSO

18th Sep 2021 - Added SMS, Email, and Push Notifications to alert you to interactions with your posts. Notification settings will be added to your account soon

15th Sep 2021 - Added ability to edit posts. Edit comments is next on the list

14th Sep 2021 - Started showing posts up the side of user profiles and the home page. When you post your first post, posts from other users will stop shoing on your profile

12th Sep 2021 - Added ability to create posts containing text and Youtube videos, with support for commenting

12th Sep 2021 - Email Verification added, only profiles with a verified email can have a verified badge in future

12th Sep 2021 - GB Callsign details updated to detect all GB prefixes. Including: Club, Special, Contest etc

12th Sep 2021 - Fixed profiles with a callsign ending a,m,p were not loading (sorry about that)

3rd Sep 2021 - Logging callsigns with prefixes now supported in the cloud version e.g logging EA5/G4VZV/P will work

26th Aug 2021 - You can now add your QRZ API Key via the profile/edit screen. Any QSOs logged after adding the key will auto post to QRZ right away, deleting an auto posted QSO will also delete it from QRZ

16th July 2021 - The first person to register was M7BPN at 12:25 UTC

16th July 2021 - inital site launched with very basic profile page and logging functionality

15th July 2021 - domain station-master.online registered, let's build a cool logging platform !