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Help And Support
Need some help getting set up on Station Master? Look no further, there's a new Facebook group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/3489330554626604 ) that's frequented by some very knowledgeable licenced operators.

See you there...

Not on Facebook ? Just comment below and a site user or admin will help you out.

- How to install Station Master Dekstop -- See video below
- How to use OmniRIG V1 for Cat Control -- https://station-master.online/post/157
- How to `Auto Log` from WSJT-X -- https://station-master.online/post/124
- How to `Auto Log` from JTDX --https://station-master.online/post/141
- How to set up a Club profile -- https://station-master.online/post/71

- How to connect LOG4OM to Station Master -- See video below
- How to connect N1MM+ to Station Master -- See video below

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