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Got The Station Master APP ?

A smart phone app for Android and iPhone is now in app stores, it shows a list of recent QSOs and a screen for logging, it's designed to be used while away from the shack.

Search "Station Master Cloud" in app stores to find it.

iOS: https://tinyurl.com/StationMasterIOS
Android: https://tinyurl.com/StationMasterAndroid

It does require an Internet connection but an offline mode will be added so you can continue logging with no signal, it will then auto sync to the cloud (and QRZ) once you get a signal.

The app will allow you to:

1) Log contacts to your Station Master account.
2) View recent QSO by all Station Master users.

more functionality will be added in time.

The app will be about £4.95 (one off purchase) which I think is a fare price for all my hard work :)
Got the Station Master APP ?

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