Victor (R6FHE)

Standard Account R6FHE

Country: Russia (European) (EU), ITU: 29
QTH: Izobilnyj, Stavropol Kraj, Russian Federation

Verfied Account R6FHE


Country: Russia (European) (EU), ITU: 29
QTH: Izobilnyj, Stavropol Kraj, Russian Federation
I was born back in 1958 in the small Russian town of Rubtsovsk, Altai Krai.
He started doing amateur radio in 1984.
Like most novice radio amateurs, I started with observing (SWL) the work of amateur radio stations. Then there was a pretty big break. I resumed my hobby only after retirement, in 2019. At first I had an observer (SWL) call sign - R6H-212.
Well, since being retired, I had more free time and opportunities, I decided to try myself as a "full-fledged" amateur radio operator (HAM). Therefore, in 2020, I passed the relevant tests and received the call sign R6FHE, which allows me to work on the air, including for transmission.
As for working on the air, I liked digital types of broadcasts more. Especially FT8 and FT4. As for the bands I work on, my capabilities are limited by the availability of appropriate antennas. So far, the set of antennas that I have does not allow me to fully use the low-frequency ranges of 80 and 160 meters.
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16:44 UTC
MI0WGM 14075.1khz FT8 VIEW
15:03 UTC
SM7FQX 21074khz FT8 VIEW
19:23 UTC
M0KCV 18100.674khz FT8 VIEW
17:14 UTC
SV1SXA 10137.92khz FT8 VIEW
07:28 UTC
RN9CA 18102.34khz FT8 VIEW
21:31 UTC
G4LHT 10137khz FT8 VIEW
20:00 UTC
G4LHT 10136.4khz FT8 VIEW
12:30 UTC
IW9BHQ 21075.301khz FT8 VIEW
13:45 UTC
IW1GEU 18102.3khz FT8 VIEW