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England, Full Licence

Standard Account G6HNJ

Country: England (EU), ITU: 27
QTH: Boorley Green, Hampshire

Verfied Account G6HNJ

Ian Bennett

Country: England (EU), ITU: 27
QTH: Boorley Green, Hampshire
Many moons ago (I forget how long) I was very active on 2m, 70cms, 23cms and 23cm ATV.

I was very much into writing Amateur Radio related software and I wrote the code for the GB3AT repeater. and developed it's embedded (PIC) processor.

So after a rather long break I've decided to get back into Amateur Radio. A lot has changed, so lots to learn. Fortunately, I'm an IT consultant so most of the modern Digital modes seem to be pretty straight forward.

To give you an idea as to how longs since I was last on air (bar the odd hand held QSO) I dug out a couple of my old Radios comprising a Yaesu FT-5200 and an Icom IC-706 (the original one not the Mk II). Unfortunately the LCD display on the FT-5200 died a horrible death and is black :-(

I hope to get some antennas up soon :-)

I first got into amateur Radio when I was around 14 in the Air Cadets.
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